Tout dans la vie est une question d'équilibre d'où la nécessité de garder un esprit sain dans un corps sain.


Everything in life is a matter of balance therefore one needs to keep a healthy mind in a healthy body.


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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Tabata Cardio Workout

By Adam Campbell

Finisher #1
Exercise 1: Stationary running
Exercise 2: Mountain climber

Finisher #2
Exercise 1: Seal jacks
Exercise 2: Push-up jacks
(Note: If you haven’t ever seen a pushup jack, you must check out the video. It’s an awesome and unusual variation of the push-up.)

Finisher #3
Exercise 1: Skater jumps
Exercise 2: Plank to push-up

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Bryan Carlton said...

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