Tout dans la vie est une question d'équilibre d'où la nécessité de garder un esprit sain dans un corps sain.


Everything in life is a matter of balance therefore one needs to keep a healthy mind in a healthy body.


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Tuesday, October 9, 2012



One of the things I love about my job is that I get to research and write about some of the most amazing superfoods in the world: Turmeric, acai, aronia, chia and more.
I'm convinced that we live in a world of nutritional abundance if we only take the steps to access what's available to us right now -- more than at any other time in the history of the world.
Think about it: Just a hundred years ago, virtually no one in the western world had access to acai, or camu camu, or even rooibos tea. Ancient explorers spent months on the road, braving bandits and harsh conditions to bring home valuable edibles from the spice trade, but today, the astounding nutritional power of these superfoods can be delivered right to your door in a cardboard box. It's truly astounding.

One of the world's most amazing superfruits is mangosteen, sometimes called the "the Queen of Fruits." It's very high in a class of phytochemical known as xanthones, and if you research xanthones at Google Scholar ( you'll learn some really impressive things about the properties of this plant. Xanthones offer immune support, they help in the body's inflammation response, and they're best known for supporting heart and cardiovascular health*.
Mangosteen has been popularized, of course, in a bottled beverage sold by word of mouth over the last few years. But there's a huge problem with that beverage: It's PASTEURIZED. And heat destroys xanthones.
The higher the heat, the more xanthones and other nutrients are destroyed. The most powerful phytonutrients, it turns out, are also the most vulnerable to heat. They're fragile.
So if you want to benefit from mangosteen, you need a source that hasn't been subjected to high levels of heat like what you get with pasteurization.

I've been looking for precisely such a source. I wanted it to be certified organic, made from the whole fruit (including seed and rind), and dried at very low temperatures qualifying it as "raw".
If I could find such a source, I knew I would have my hands on the most potent source of natural xanthones in the world, short of actually eating the fresh fruit right off the tree, of course.

A few months ago, I found the source I was looking for. The fruits are grown completely without pesticides, picked ripe from the tree, then flash-frozen and shipped to the United States. In the U.S., the whole fruits are pulverized and dried in a proprietary low-temperature process, producing a high-xanthone powder that has never been exposed to high heat.
We call this "ultra premium mangosteen powder," and I can confidently say this is the most potent mangosteen powder available in the Western hemisphere. There are lots of cheaper sources of mangosteen available, but nothing with its phytonutrients as intact as this source.
And compared to pasteurized mangosteen, there's really no comparison. Pasteurized mangosteen in a juice is "dead" mangosteen. Whereas low-temperature dried mangosteen is RAW, with its nutrients intact. The difference is like night and day. Think about the difference between a raw, fresh salad versus cooked greens and you'll be able to visualize what I'm talking about.
In addition to the xanthones, it also contains catechins, tannins, anthocyanins and other phytonutrients, each with its own remarkable properties. (Search them online to see for yourself.)

A very small amount of this ultra premium RAW mangosteen powder goes a long way. Use just a teaspoon of it in any smoothie and you'll transform that smoothie into a mangosteen superfruit smoothie. (It goes really well with frozen berries and a banana, by the way.)
Right now we have 100-gram bags of this ultra-premium RAW mangosteen powder available at the Natural News Store, discounted by $10 while supplies last. Click here to see the price.
These are certified organic, in stock right now, and ready to ship out within one business day. They contain absolutely no filler, flow agents or anything other than whole mangosteen. The country of origin is Thailand.
This is the most potent mangosteen powder you can get, period. If you've heard about the benefits of mangosteen but never really felt those benefits after drinking pasteurized mangosteen, you've never tried the real thing! This is the real thing: RAW, rich in xanthones and ready to go to work right now helping you experience improved health support*.

Find Mangosteen and many other superfruits at:
P.S. A portion of every sale over the next two weeks goes to help support Proposition 37 in California, the GMO labeling bill. We will be announcing our donation to Prop 37 later this month.
To your health,
- Mike

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