We’re bombarded with health advice from helpful friends everyday. Eat a low carb diet. Eliminate wheat. Go vegan. Sometimes these messages can sound more like opinionated sermons than solid advice. How do we wade through it all? Putting the concept of crowdsourced health advice into perspective, we asked the communityfor the absolute best piece of health advice they would share if they could only choose one.
Here, 25 of our favorites.

1. Find balance. 
-Tiffany Manning
2. Listen to your body. 
-Aimee I.
3. You have one body. Be kind to it! Treat it like you would your favorite person. 
-Scotty Walrod
4. Never smoke. 
-Miram Webster
5. Eat greens with almost every meal.
-Lizeth Bejarano
6. Move more quickly, chew more slowly. 
-Christine Pagnotta DiPilla
7. Be honest with your doctor. 
-Andrew Lockett
8. Go easy on the partying. 
-Kari Cartee-Ward
9. Don't trust your past to teach you something new. Change is what gives you new and greater health. Not same old same old. 
-Elizabeth Keung Vilece
10. Drink more water. 
-Brandon and Crystal King
11. Breathe fully and deeply. 
-Cheryl L.
12. Don't skimp on sleep. 
-Terry Carlle
13. Don’t worry yourself to death. 
-Divine Angel
14. Don’t rely on someone else to make you happy. You can create your own happiness. 
-Peggy Norton-Rosko
15. Avoid sugar. Or things that easily convert to sugar. 
-Marie T. Matteson
16. Start now! 
-Sandi M.
17. Don't diet (that usually leads to feelings of deprivation and you'll end up eating more). Instead, figure out why you have an emotional relationship with food. Learn proactive/non-food ways to deal with your emotions and you will be able to get to and maintain a healthy weight. 
-Lisa Stromeier
18. Meditate every day and all the rest will fall into place. 
-The Balanced Gourmet
19. Every morning, lean in to the mirror, and say I love you! 
-Robin Leach
20. Eat real food. Wait, no -- first, learn the difference between real food and food products. 
-Sandarita Raqs
21. Prevention is better than treatment. 
-Lori S.
22. Be aware of what you put in, on, and around your body. 
-Melissa Atha
23. Be engaged, physically, mentally, emotionally in everything that you do. Do not settle for the fastest/easiest route. Take the extra step to make everything worthwhile. 
-Melanie B.
24. Laugh every day. 
-Martine Sweedler
25. Appreciate and work towards good health. 
-Liz N. Alex Prozzo